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Solid Deodorant – Organic

Organic deodorant with a balm-like texture, easy to apply and (really) effective.

It is easy to apply with a finger or spatula and penetrates the skin quickly so as not to stain clothes. Handmade in France.

You will find among these 5 formulas the one that best suits your skin:

Sensitive skin: without bicarbonate, without essential oils that the most sensitive skins sometimes do not tolerate these ingredients; only magnesium hydroxide combined with zinc ricinoleate, 2 soft ingredients, respectful of the skin.
Coconut: without essential oils, perfectly adapted to pregnant women and the most sensitive skins. With coconut oil and corn starch.
Bergamot: ideal for athletes and excessive sweating. Mixed, for both women and men, bergamot, from the citrus family, is very fresh and floral.
Palmarosa: soft and floral scent, reminiscent of rose.
Mint: with its effectiveness and fresh scent, it will be ideal for sportsmen and excessive sweating. Mixed

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An organic deodorant that does not block sweat, but prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria.
Contrary to popular belief, sweat is practically odourless. Therefore, it is not the perspiration itself that is responsible for bad odours. It is actually bacteria that, when consumed, produce odorous chemical compounds that are responsible for body odour.

1) Take a very small amount of the balm with your finger or a wooden spatula.
2) Apply the small amount of product with your fingers to your armpit.
3) The texture melts on contact with the skin and simply massage until the balm is completely absorbed.

The finish should not be greasy or sticky, but leaves a slightly powdery feel thanks to the cornstarch that acts like a vegetable talc.

Used once a day, the jar lasts an average of 3 months. Once opened, it can be kept for 14 months in a cool, dark place.




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