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Refill “Aroma Relax” – 500ml – Maison Berger

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Refill compatible with any “Lampe” of the “Maison Berger” home air freshener brand.

An ultra-feminine composition, 3 essential oils for a tenfold well-being: the happiness equation…

Capacity: 500ml.

Duration: 20h of operation, 80h of perfuming.


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The body is caught up in the thousand fragrances of a luxuriant Orient. The mind opens up, melancholy is silenced, infinite possibilities for joy emerge: a meditative atmosphere finally takes hold!

This Relax Oriental Comfort version of the Aroma collection is a promise of absolute relaxation. Everything here is geared towards a search for well-being.

From the very first notes, amber and powdery musk announce an Orient of fragrant delights. The heart, elegantly floral and tenderly fruity, expresses itself gently and voluptuously. Then the balance is established on a warm, somewhat creamy base of sandalwood and amber. And it is on this olfactory harmony that a trio of carefully selected essential oils can blossom: patchouli, guaiac wood and geranium, all with their own virtues, deploy their anti-stress and anti-depression qualities.

The fragrant secret

With this Relax Oriental Comfort range, not one but three essential oils are used for maximum well-being. Maison Berger Paris has selected patchouli for its neurotonic and balancing qualities, geranium for its relaxing and soothing properties, as well as the invigorating properties of guaiac wood, also known as “life wood”. A whole programme!


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